Pam Gonzalez(non-registered)
Beautiful photography!
I stop by the Weed Store every year for a calendar... Never disappointed!
Mt. Shasta is one of my favorite places in this world of ours.
Thanks for sharing your talent with us!
Vicki Gold(non-registered)
Pure poetry and high energy in the exquisite lightning photos. I journeyed to your site to remind myself of what attracted us all here to Shasta. It is a treasure to share with the world. As I allowed the beauty of each of your photos to enter my being fully, I was reminded of how precious this place is, how worthy of protection. Our water, our rivers, our streams, the water cycle that creates the majestic lenticular clouds you capture with loving eyes~ GAIA thanks you!
Philip Porter(non-registered)
Saw you at the Christmas Fair at the Fairgrounds today. Enjoyed visiting with you, I will have to stop by your gallery.
Annette Bolton(non-registered)
Stunning photography!!!! Saw some of your work in the shop in Weed...took my breath away!!!! Would love one of your shots on the wall here in Nevada!!
KL Matlock(non-registered)
You have some WONDERFUL Photos of Mt Shasta. I fell in love with Mt Shasta when camping in Fowler Camping. I was 7 years old. I see the Indian laying a top. Some years you can see the feathers from his head.
God Bless You and keep that Wonderful work you do.

KL Matlock
Nancie Hofmann(non-registered)
Fabulous artwork!
Catherine and Justin(non-registered)
Saw your work in the store the other day. Just wanted to say Fabulous work.
Greetings! I stopped by your store yesterday with my daughters and spoke to your wife. I just wanted to say what a charming place you guys have. I loved your artwork throughout the place. Your vision is top shelf and your prints are nothing short of spectacular.

I am a hobbyist and found your art inspiring. I live in Folsom and envy the treasure trove of subject matter you have in the Mount Shasta area. Thanks for the time, Erno

(ps: your wife will remember me as I was the guy on crutches).
You have inspired me to work hard and become professional like you. Thank you very much you make my day great.

Jan Bird(non-registered)
When I'm a little homesick and need to mellow out your photo gallery does the trick without the 4 hour drive. You certainly capture the nurturing beauty unsurpassed by any other mountain. Your work brings such joy to all who see your wonderful pictures. Thank you for hat you do.
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